Graduating from AI Miami International University of Art & Design with a BFA in Graphic Design I have ventured out into the Graphic Design industry and developed may skills to meet the desires of the companies I have worked with over the years. Some of these skills include, but are not limited to Branding, Print, and Illustration. Using these skills I have completed many projects that ultimately reflected the organizations I have worked with over the years. Some of these designs can still be seen today in all form of media including web, print, and even full size public adverts. While working with many diverse organizations I have grown as a self motivated employee; able to maintain complex schedules and deadlines, working with people all over the world, and be a supportive them member.

After developing my skills for many years in Florida, I decided to take a chance and with my husband we moved to Colorado. My first step here in CO was to develop some need business skills. I felt that I lacked a vision on the business side of things and I knew to complete my pallet of skills and abilities I need to take some needed action. With that I earned an MBA specializing in Environmental & Social Sustainability from Colorado Technical University.

Now that I have rounded out my skills, I am looking to find a progress and enthusiastic organization where I and they can work together with my abilities to design amazing graphics and Illustration. I hope to be meeting with some amazing employers here in the Greater Denver, CO area, or telecommute companies. Together lets make some magic.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Dreamweaver

Corel Painter 12

Strata 3D


Microsoft Office

Mac & PC adaptability

Nov. 2016

Peppercopia Publishing, LLC

Owner/Lead Comic Artist

  • Character concept design
  • Environmental concept design
  • Composing and working with writers for the best story directions
  • Graphical image storytelling
Aug - Oct 2016

Folium Biosciences

Graphic Designer

  • Graphic creation for Product developement & sales promotion
  • Finding the best materials for budgets

Sheath Comics

Interior Comic Artist

  • Developed the character design based off the character description
  • Composed the environment design based off the story description
  • Penciled, inked, and colored artwork for chapter one for My Ghost Story!
  • Penciled and inked  artwork for chapter two for My Ghost Story!
June 2015

Graham Olsen

Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Updated advertisements for various projects
  • Created a master file for logos of clients

Hyve 5 Productions, LLC

Graphic Designer/Artist

  • Provide customer service
  • Graphic creation for clients
  • Finding the best materials for budgets
  • Billing and receiving of payments
  • Teaching & finding materials to help have small business have self maintenance to clients
  • Create effective web & print solutions for advertising and social media reach

Business Chamber of Southern Colorado

Graphic Designer

  • Provide branding assistance and setup
  • Graphic creation for continuity with the organization
  • Finding the best materials for their budget
2013 - 14'

Intermountain Media, LLC

Graphic Artist

  • Graphic designed for materials
  • Maintained files and work flow for the office
  • Provide customer service
2013 - 14'

Common Sense News – Newspaper

Art Director

  • Supervised art and photography for all articles in the newspaper layout.
  • Curated and obtained photography pertaining to subject matter within the newspaper
  • Responsible for the final print layout and conversions for print & web applications
  • Created advertisements & sponsorship’s for companies placment within the publications
  • Met with the printer for final check before full print
2012 - 13'

Minuteman Press

Graphic Designer

  • Utilized multiple graphics applications, materials, and printing systems
  • Developed complete solutions for companies and small businesses
  • Developed unique designs given precise material selections
  • Managed multiple projects at rigorous time tables to provide excellent customer service
2007 - 09'

MSG Built-Tech

Project Coordinator/Graphic Design

  • Created Logo & Branding Design
  • Developed internal documents for the office use
  • Managed conversion of physical documentation to digital for accounting and management
  • Managed graphic design work and developed all design schedules
  • Designed the website layout for the company in cooperation with on site programmers
Jan 12 - Dec 13

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Springs, CO

Graduated with a Master’s of Business Administration in Environmental & Social Sustainability

Aug 01 - Jun 04

Ai Miami International University of Art & Design Miami, FL.

Miami, FL

Graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design.

Comic Book Art


Graphic Design


Illustration Challenges